Mobile Apps

We know that mobile web development covers more than just the design aspect of building websites. We build mobile apps not only look great, but function quickly and easily.


Windows Apps

We are experts at crafting outstanding 'Metro-Style' experiences and have a proven track record with the world's biggest brands.


Web Apps

we help you to build unique responsive html 5 web sites, Whether you look on the tablet, smartphone or desktop, your site will look flawless.


SharePoint Moss

Web parts, lists, master pages, work flows and anything related to SharePoint customization we will help you to build your dream SharePoint site.


Experience strategy

The most important part of any app is getting the user experience just right. We offer specialised, expert advice on the design principles and design language which underpin modern apps built for Windows.

This ensures your app can leverage the unique capabilities of the Windows platform and means your users get a consistent experience across their Windows powered devices.

Our strong partnership with Microsoft and Nokia means you can also be sure of having a relationship with a team who is on the inside track.

So whether you’re porting an existing app, building a new app, or maybe you require extra help with envisioning your app through brainstorming and wireframing, we’re here to help.

Production services

Once we’ve established a clear strategy for your app, we can then get down to the business of making it great.

  • Creative – Wide range of visual and interactive design services
  • Development – Core application development & API integration
  • Games – Original game design & development (e.g. Unity3D, D3D, HTML5)
  • Ports – iOS/Android ports to Windows (e.g. Unity3D, OpenGL, HTML5)
  • Testing – Comprehensive system testing, including API and device testing
  • Delivery – We ensure a marketplace submission pack is supplied to you on app completion

We have proven capability across the entire Windows ecosystem including Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox.


We can help you gain traction in the marketplace and also maximise the success of your app on an ongoing basis.

  • Support agreements for bug fixes and enhancements
  • Help and advice around review management and planning updates


Whether it’s the latest web stack including HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript or the more traditional Microsoft XAML/C#, we’re proficient and capable in both.

We use whatever technology stack is appropriate for the client and the job at hand.